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Beginner RipStik Tricks


The RipStik is a Caster board. It is built similar to a skateboard but has two movable ends and rides on two wheels instead of four. To propel yourself forward on the board, you simply twist your body. This twist motion allows you to stay on the board without touching the ground and allows you to go uphill as well as down. The RipStik feels much like riding a snowboard, and you can learn to perform many tricks while riding.



The Manual is one of the most basic tricks that can be learned to perform on a RipStik. To perform a manual, start by riding your board. For a nose manual, you will want to slide your front foot as close to the edge of the front side of the board as possible. Keep riding and slowly shift your weight to the front. Once you have shifted your weight, the back of the board should rise. Do not let the front end of the board drag because this will cause you to fall. Use your arms to maintain your balance. A rear manual is the same except you shift your weight to the back of the board. Allow the front of the RipStik to rise.

Hang 10

Hang 10.

The Hang 10 is another common beginner trick for the RipStik. To perform the Hang 10, ride your RipStik and gain some speed. Slide your front foot close to the front of the board. Do not completely go to the edge. Quickly place your back foot behind your front foot so that they are both on the front part of the board. This is a Hang 10. Make sure you keep your arms out to your sides for balance, and don't shift your weight forward because this will make you fall forward.


Skateboard Ollie

An Ollie was made popular by skateboarders, but it can be performed easily on a RipStik. Stand on your board with your back foot as close to the edge as possible. Crouch down over the board and shift your weight to your back foot. Your back foot will kick up the board while your front foot moves forward and comes up with the board. You should shift your weight forward in a jumping motion. The entire board will come up with your feet. Slide your front foot back on the board and absorb the impact of the jump.

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