How to Beat Video Keno

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Video Keno is a relaxing way to pass time and perhaps win a little money when you gamble. Unlike live Keno, numbers are drawn every few seconds instead of at five-minute intervals. In video Keno you can pick your odds by either playing for the big prize or grinding your way toward smaller payouts. But despite the promise of a large payout for hitting a big ticket, you can say you beat video Keno when you walk away with more money than when you first sat down to the machine.

Inspect the video Keno machine layout. Most machines, like live Keno, have a display of numbers from one to 80, and you choose up to 15 of these numbers to play. The more numbers you select and pop up in the next draw, the more money you win.

Check the payout rates on the Keno machines. They should be posted. Forget the top rate; concentrate on what you would win if you hit on three-spot through six-spot tickets.

Choose the numbers you wish to play, sticking with six at the most. Select numbers you like -- birthdays or lucky numbers -- or choose random numbers. It won't make any difference.

Punch the numbers on the video Keno screen with the stylus and place your bet.

Watch the 20 numbers pop up in the Keno draw, paying attention to which numbers are yours.

After the draw, keep the same numbers and place another bet. Though it really makes little difference what numbers you pick, you may find it easier to stick with the same selected numbers and let the draw "find" you.

Collect your winnings. If you hit a particularly large payout on a casino Keno terminal, the machine will lock down, a floor worker will inspect it and pay you in cash. On most machines, smaller winnings will be stored on the machine as credits for you to play, or you can cash them out.

Things You'll Need

  • Money
  • Video Keno machine
  • Three to six favorite numbers


  • Keno tickets with fewer numbers are easier to "hit," but the payout rate won't be as much. In most casinos and video terminals, the payout rate on a three-spot ticket is closer to what the true odds are, making it a better bet.

    Forget about playing more than six numbers. The odds of hitting them are astronomical. Better to win a few small amounts than not win at all.

    Managing your money is the best way to beat video Keno. Bet what you can afford to lose, then walk away and call it entertainment. Don't pay any attention to any subsequent draws on that machine or any other.


  • Video Keno is a game of chance, and the numbers are drawn on a random basis. Because of this, there are no real systems.