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How to Win the Pick 5 Lottery

Play the Pick 5 lottery consistently
lottery; image by dinostock from Fotolia.com

Winning the Pick 5 lottery often requires more than just luck. While it always helps to be lucky when playing the lottery, there are a few things you can do for yourself to increase your odds of winning. You will not win all the time, but you should win more frequently if you implement a system that you use on a consistent basis. Getting some friends involved can also help increase your odds of winning, and it is likely that some of your friends are already playing the lottery.

Start a lottery group with your friends. Ask some of your friends if they play the lottery, and if they would like to pool their money with yours. The more money you are able to put towards additional lottery picks the more you will increase your chances of winning.

Make a budget. Determine exactly how much money you and your friends can safely afford to lose each week.

Write down numbers from previous Pick 5 winners. Keep track of the numbers so you know which numbers have recently won, and which numbers have not appeared lately. Write the past winners down in a notebook or keep them on file in your computer. Log on to your state's lottery page to find past winners.

Avoid picking all even numbers or all odd numbers. This combination very rarely occurs. Try to pick two even numbers and three odd numbers, or two odd and three even numbers. This combination will occur 66 percent of the time.

Use a wheel system. Log on to a free lottery website and use their Pick 5 lottery wheel. The lottery wheel will help predict future picks for you based on your first five picks, and past winning numbers.

Refrain from picking the same combination of numbers that has already won. The same five numbers will not be picked during your lifetime.

Do not use the quick picks. Make your own picks. Quick picks are even less likely to be winning numbers than numbers you pick yourself.

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