Achy Breaky Heart Line Dance Steps

The hit song by Billy Ray Cyrus has a dance to accompany it that everyone can do, from children to adult. Line dancing is easy to follow once you learn the steps because it repeats over and over, which makes it a fun way to exercise. The dance can be done with some variations once you get the basic steps. Some people add more star turns or hip rocks, but to start, follow these basic guidelines and you can add your own flare once you get them down.

"Achy Breaky Heart" Line Dance Steps

1.) Stand facing the front of the room. Begin when the words of the song start. Grape vine right (three steps), then grape vine left (three steps) back to where you started. 2.) Back three steps, then step-touch and clap. Rock here for one more step-touch and clap. 3.) Step your left foot forward, pivot on your left foot, and swing your right foot around parallel with your left. You will immediately start repeating the dance from here, beginning with a grape vine right (three steps). 4.) Repeat the dance until the end of the song. As you do, you will do the dance first facing the front of the room, then the left, the back, the right and back to front.

Optional Dance Moves

Star turns and hip rocks. You can view this type of dance move in the "Achy Breaky Heart" Dance Exhibition where the dancers, after doing the grape vines, will stop and rock their hips for one count, then do a series of toe touches back to the left, out to the right, front and to the left followed by a hop onto the right foot, back to the left, hop forward to land on the right, then left, ending with a bow and right foot touch forward before returning to center with left foot back, and stomp the right foot. This is a much more difficult version of the dance, so it would be worth it to learn the basic movements first before moving forward. Most importantly, have fun.