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Cowboy Cha Cha Dance Steps

Cowboy cha cha dance steps

Cowboy cha cha dance steps look tricky but it's actually a beginner's country line dance that is only 20 steps long then the footwork is repeated. The only dance steps you need to learn are a basic cha cha pattern which is repeated and a pivot turn. Although it's a four wall dance with lots of turns and changing directions, once you learn this dance, it's great fun because you feel like you're gracefully gliding on the dance floor.

Understand the Basics

Before attempting the cowboy cha cha dance, learn the rhythm of a basic cha cha. Practice doing the step in place lifting your left foot, then your right foot, then a series of quick steps alternating left-right-left. Then the pattern is repeated starting with the opposite foot: right, left, then right-left-right.

Hone Your Skills

In a country line dance class, the instructor will typically do a quick run through to show you how the dance will look. Watch and learn before trying it yourself. If you are using video tutorials (see Resources below), watch the video first all the way through before pausing and stopping the footage. If you prefer written instructions, print out step sheets for the cowboy cha cha dance steps (see References below).

Count Aloud

When learning the cowboy cha cha dance steps, listen carefully as a good country line dance instructor will count the dance out loud. Dance steps for cowboy cha cha are often called left, right, triple step (left-right-left). Your teacher may also call the quick triple steps as cha-cha-cha. Count the steps to yourself to help keep the rhythm.

Keep Moving

At first, the steps can be frustrating because it seems like there's a lot of confusing turns. If you get mixed up, keep alternating your footwork from left to right and back so you'll at least stay on the beat. With this particular country line dance, your body seems to develop "automaticity," or automatic memory. With practice and repetition, your body will naturally move correctly.

Increase the Beat

The key to mastering the cowboy cha cha line dance is to take small steps. Recommended slow to medium songs to practice are "I Want to Dance With You" by George Strait or "Neon Moon" by Brooks and Dunn. When you feel more confident, dance to up-tempo songs like "My Maria" by Brooks and Dunn or "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett.

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