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How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Create a Cute Shower Centerpiece Every Parent Can Use

Welcoming a new little one into the world means a lot of love, a lot less sleep and many, many diapers. Help celebrate with the expectant parents by creating a “cake” made of diapers that doubles as a centerpiece at the baby shower. Not only does the diaper cake add a whimsical element to the event, it also provides much-needed supplies to the new parents once baby arrives.

On a Roll

One of the easiest ways to make a diaper cake is by stacking rolled diapers into a cake shape. The cake's size depends on how many diapers you use, but, for this example, 60 diapers are used to create three cake "layers."

Roll up each diaper individually, and secure each with a rubber band. Once all the diapers are rolled up, begin to put the “cake” together.

Use an empty paper towel roll as the center, and surround it with the rolled diapers, creating a rim of diapers around the roll. Add three to four more “rims” around to create the bottom, using approximately 30 diapers, depending on the diaper size and how tightly they are rolled. Secure the entire layer together with string or an extra-large rubber band.

Set the bottom layer on a piece of thick cardboard, and trace around it. Cut out the traced piece to support the cake.

Build the second layer by following the same instructions as in Step 2, only make it slightly smaller so it looks like a cake tier. Continue until all diapers are used, creating three layers.

Tie ribbons around each layer to cover the rubber bands. Finish by placing a cake topper—think stuffed animal or baby toys—on top, and add streaming ribbons down the sides of the cake.

Build Up Layers

Another option for building a diaper cake is layering the diapers.

Gather three cake pans, each a different size. In each pan, layer the diapers by placing the diaper flat against the outer edge of the cake pan. Make sure to fan them out evenly along the outer edge of the cake pan to create a "frosted" look.

Fill in the pan by continuing to layer diapers, placing each row against the previous row. To fill more space and use less diapers, roll up diapers and secure with rubber bands, then insert them in the core of the cake.

Secure the entire group of diapers in the cake pan with a rubber band, and remove from the pan. Do this for all three layers.

Set the bottom layer on a cake plate, and place the next layer on top. If additional support is needed, insert two chopsticks from the top into the middle of the layers, spaced approximately 2 inches apart. Add the remaining layers on top.

Tie large ribbons around each layer to cover the rubber bands. Finish by decorating with flowers, baby toys, pacifiers or stuffed animals.

Make It Mini

For a different twist, make festive diaper cupcakes instead of an entire cake.

Take a diaper, and fold it lengthwise. Then fold the two long edges together, so the diaper is long and narrow. Roll the diaper up tightly, securing with a rubber band.

To create a frosted cupcake look, use your thumb to push up the diaper from the bottom, careful not to dislodge the entire diaper from the rubber band.

Put the diaper in a cupcake liner, and insert a flower or other decoration in the top of the cupcake. Place in cupcake stands for display.

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