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How to Use Baby Powder to Create a Skull Face Halloween Look

Things You'll Need:

  • White face makeup
  • Sock or rag
  • Baby powder
  • Makeup brush

How to Use Baby Powder to Create a Skull Face Halloween Look. Baby powder helps fill in blank spaces and make a Halloween skull face look smooth. It applies with ease and doesn't cause discomfort or an allergic reaction for most people. You can also take a small bottle of baby powder with you to parties for quick touch-ups. Read on to learn how to use baby powder to create a skull face Halloween look.

Apply white skull makeup to your face, covering all areas with traditional Halloween face makeup. Allow the makeup to set for a few minutes.

Take an old sock or rag and pour a generous amount of baby powder on it. You can also fill a loose weave or stocking type sock with baby powder, tie a knot in the top, and create a powder ball.

Rub the rag or sock together to distribute the powder. Then gently pat your face all over, covering all white areas. If using the powder ball, gently tap the ball over your face, making sure not to rub the makeup with the ball.

Apply the skull details such as the eyes, mouth, nose and any skull lines. Repeat the process of patting the baby powder all over your face. This helps seal the new makeup and add more white.

Brush excess powder off with a makeup brush and add the finishing touches to your skull face.


If you're not wearing a stocking cap over your hair, you can rub baby powder through your hair to gray it.


  • Don't use baby powder with scents or moisturizers. This can cause the makeup to smear or not set properly.
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