Wine Party Game Ideas

Glasses of red, white, and rose wine
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Friends gather for a wine party to enjoy good wine and to celebrate good company. Punctuate your happy indulgence with wine-related games. Entertain your guests with a wine trivia game. Test the depth of your wine knowledge with questions to puzzle and enlighten. Play a game with wine corks as the centerpieces. Play a revamped game of Wine Concentration to challenge guests' memories. Present winners with wine-related prizes, such as good cheese, cork screws and, of course, wine.

Wine Trivia

Friends playing a game and drinking wine
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In the days or weeks before a wine party, gather wine factoids for a game of Wine Trivia. Explore wine facts, myths and urban legends. Write about two dozen trivia questions on small, separate index cards or pieces of paper. For example, "What is the term for an irrational fear of wine? Answer: oenophobia." Place the questions in a basket or bowl. Give each player a score sheet to tabulate correct answers. Take turns asking questions from individual cards. The player with the most correct answers wins a bottle of wine. Add a little edge to the game: When a player guesses incorrectly, she must take a drink of wine.


Brie and crackers on a wooden surface
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Once the evening is in full swing, play a version of Concentration with different shapes of pasta. The Food & Wine website provides the rules. Locate two cutlery boxes. Place dried pasta in each compartment of one box. Use fusilli, wheels, penne, rigatoni, elbow and anything else. After guests look at the arrangement for five seconds or so, they try to recreate the arrangement in the second cutlery box. Give winners brie and crackers or fresh French bread.


A close up of a group of wine corks
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Wine corks supply all you need to play a simple game. Food & Wine provides instructions: Color the bottoms of five wine corks red with a marker. Fill a large basket with about 100 corks. Guests close their eyes and pick a cork. Guests who select a red cork win a corkscrew or other wine accessory.