Windmills for Kids

windmill image by Ken Marshall from

Create many different crafts for kids with a windmill theme. Craft windmills may be merely decorative, or offer working sails that turn in the wind. They may depict old, historic style windmills, modern sleek windmills, or be merely a pinwheel that illustrates to children the way wind turns a windmill's sails. Windmill crafts provide excellent opportunities for kids to learn about the science of wind-power.


Pinwheels offer a simple craft idea that show children the way the wind turns the sails of a windmill. A pinwheel consists of a simple stick and the windmill sails, attached to the stick with a dowel, brad, or pin. The sails may be constructed of construction paper, another stiff paper or lightweight, cut-able plastic. A simple sail design starts with a square of paper with four slits cut from the corner towards the middle and the corners attached to the stick along with the middle of the paper.

Two-Dimensional Windmills

Collages, paintings, and drawings of windmills may depict historic or modern windmills and help children to learn about each. Draw sails on with the rest of the picture, or cut from paper and attach at the proper place with a tack or brad. Children can make a book of drawings of historic windmills from different countries. Or, they can design their own windmills from their imaginations and create a wall mural with their classmates.

Working Three Dimensional Windmills

Construct a small model of a windmill starting with a box, milk carton, or toilet paper roll. A longer dowel or knitting needle passing through holes on both sides of the box offers a secure attachment for the sails. The sails may also be attached to only one side with a brad or tack. Reinforce the circular holes where the sails and box attach with glued on circles of paper. Paint the windmill or decorate with construction paper.

Creative Variations

Windmills offer a decorative theme for an artistic creation. A clay bas-relief or three-dimensional windmill may not have turning sails, but can be a nostalgic decoration. Trace a child's hand several times, and cut the hand shapes from paper to make a circle of hand-print sails. Use windmills for a textile craft and teach children simple embroidery, batik fabric dyeing, or how to piece together a quilt with a windmill theme. Make an windmill gingerbread house with turning sails secured with a peppermint stick.