How to Win in Las Vegas

There is not a foolproof way that can guarantee that you will win while gambling in Las Vegas. However, there are strategies that you can use to increase your chances of bringing home some cash instead of losing it all at the casinos.

Pick a set amount of money to take to Las Vegas. This can prevent you from losing a lot of money at the casinos. Once that money is gone, occupy yourself with shows and other Vegas attractions.

Stay away from the slot machines. This is the Las Vegas casino's biggest moneymaker. It has the worst odds out of all games found in the casino.

Play table games that give you better odds of winning. Blackjack and poker tables give odds that are more fair. Walk around the casino to find a table that has a minimum bet that fits your budget.

Brush up on the rules of casino games. Before you begin gambling, look online to find out the rules of the table games. Practice on a gaming site in order to ensure that you play well once you arrive in Vegas.

Try keno and roulette only a handful of times. Although these games are fun, they are not sure bets. Play a few times for enjoyment, but walk away whether you win or lose after a few rounds.

Place a lot of small bets. Numerous small bets are likely to give a return more often than fewer large wagers.


  • Even if you don't win in Vegas, you can still get something back from all the money that you lost. Sign up for a rewards card with the casino to earn comps.

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