Which Is Better, Mezzanine or Orchestra?

You do not have to sit in the front row to enjoy the show.
green concert hall, opera or theatre seats. image by Maxim Petrichuk from Fotolia.com

Orchestra Seats

Orchestra seats sit on the lower floor of the theater, positioned on the left, right, and center of the stage, with no elevation. These seats provide an excellent view of the stage. However, this view comes with a high ticket price.

Mezzanine Seats

Front and rear mezzanine seats are located above the orchestra section. Front mezzanine seats cost the same as orchestra seats, due to the view. Rear mezzanine tickets cost about 50 to 80 percent less than orchestra, due to the obscured view in the upper portion of the balcony.

Bottom Line

Orchestra seats provide an up-close view of the stage. However, tickets are pricey, and a petite person might wind up looking at the back of a head instead of seeing the show. Mezzanine seats elevate, providing a clear view of the stage, and rear mezzanine tickets cost less. The viewer may choose different options, depending on the type of show she is seeing.