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What Are Mezzanine Seats?

Classic outdoor stadium seats.
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There are two areas of a theatre that are considered mezzanine seating. Theatre mezzanine seats are all of the seats in the first balcony. These seats traditionally overhang approximately the first 12 rows of the orchestra seats. Also, the first row of any balcony seats is considered mezzanine seats.

Types of Theatre Seating

Balcony seats.
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There are two main types of theatre seating, orchestra and mezzanine. Orchestra seating is on the main floor. Mezzanine seating is balcony seating.

Seating Viewpoint

Performer on stage, seats in the background.
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By design, mezzanine seats allow for unobstructed viewpoints of the performance no matter where you are sitting in the section.


Event tickets.
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Mezzanine, or balcony seats, is cheaper than floor or orchestra seating.

Viewing the Performance

Clear view of ballerinas on stage.
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Mezzanine seats are closer to the stage than most of the theater. Also, with the angled balcony seats, the performance can be viewed more clearly and easily.

Theatre Floor Plan

Seating inside venue.
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According to Ebay Guides, you should always check the theatre's floor plan before you attend a performance to ensure the mezzanine seating is where you think it is.

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