What Type of Material Is Best for Burp Cloths?

Burp cloths are essentials for new baby registries.
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Whether you want to sew burp cloths for a friend's approaching baby shower or you are in the throes of nesting, help ready any nursery by crafting soft, absorbent burp cloths that will protect clothing and provide babies with a soft cushion after a feeding. Decorate your burp cloths in a variety of ways to personalize your craft.`

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers remain a favorite material for crafting burp cloths. Inexpensive and easy to find, they are very absorbent. Though a package of basic cloth diapers typically comes in white, burp cloths sewn from cloth diapers can be embellished with ribbon or embroidery to add color or pattern. Additionally, online tutorials are available for further instruction in how to craft cloth diaper burp cloths. Cloth diapers sometimes have uneven edges, so some alteration may be necessary.

Terry Cloth

Known for its absorbency, terry cloth is also a highly recommended material for burp cloths. Its availability in multiple colors further makes it desirable. However, terry cloth does not always feel as soft or supple to the touch as other materials. Multiple layers may be used to prevent leak-through of wetness. Its care requirements are low-maintenance, however, making it simple to launder for busy parents.


Flannel is also a highly recommended burp cloth material. Very soft and easily accessible in both colors and fun children's patterns, layered flannel will accommodate a small amount of wetness. However, for larger infants, a more absorbent material may be advisable, since occasionally larger amounts of spit-up will bead or run off of flannel. Multiple washings may make flannel more soft and absorbent.

Organic Fabric

For green-conscious mothers, organic cotton may be the best option for burp cloths. Certified organic cotton is free of pesticides and herbicides and can be purchased online. Consider organic flannel as a soft, absorbent organic option for burp cloths: other organic fabrics like bamboo are soft, but they should be tested first for absorbency.