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What to Do With Sheet Moss?

Sheet moss is a ground covering plant that is cultivated and sold as a floral or craft product. It grows in a carpet-like sheet, hence, the name “sheet moss." What is sold in stores is usually dead moss and not meant for planting and growing. The moss can be cut and shaped for use in a variety of ways. Blend different types and colors of moss for a more unique look.

Build Sculptures

Apply sheet moss to wire forms and create a menagerie of shapes—shoes, birds, spheres, cones, Christmas trees. Pre-made wire forms can be purchased through floral supply or arts and crafts stores. Cut wire mesh (chicken wire) in pieces and shape over the wire form. Secure the mesh using a floral wire and cut away excess mesh using wire cutters. Moisten (use water and a spray bottle) the sheet moss front and back to make it more pliable. Attach the moss to the mesh, cutting and shaping it to mold it to the form. Poke the corners of the moss into the mesh and overlap with a new piece. Bend pieces of floral wire into a U-shape and use as pins to keep the moss in place. Twist the ends together from the opposite side or weave them through the moss and mesh. Use the finished sculptures in vignettes with other interesting items like gazing balls, ornate boxes and candle sticks.

Make A Tablecloth

Use a plastic or vinyl table cloth and a glue gun to attach sheet moss to the cloth. Choose a tablecloth that is green or has a green pattern on it. This keeps the table cloth from interfering visually with the moss. Cover the whole fabric, or place the plastic cloth on the table to be used. Outline the table edges directly on the cloth using a sharpie marker. Remove the cloth, cut the shape out and place on the table top and begin attaching the moss. Design the cloth to fit on a wrought iron or cottage style table. Use the cloth as the focal point for a dramatic tea party or an ornate display. Mist the moss every few days to keep it looking fresh and green (damp climates will need less watering).

Use As Filler

Sheet moss makes a good choice for filler around existing potted plants and trees or as small decorative touches around the home. Pull or cut the sheet moss into small bunches, mist lightly and place at the base of potted trees or large plants to visually hide roots and soil—remove when watering. Use in small bunches around candle and floral arrangements. Arranged as a runner across the top of a sideboard or up the middle of a table. No need to attach it to a cloth or surface. Instead, place it on top of scrap fabric cut in the same overall shape for easy clean up. Choose a green or brown fabric for better visual blending. Allow moss to drip over edges so that it appears to be part of the surface.

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