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The Benefits of Burlap

Burlap looks similar to jute.
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Hessian, or burlap as it is referred to in the U.S., is made predominantly in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Burlap is made from jute, a tall, grass-like plant grown for its strong fibrous stalks. The fibers are cut, cleaned and then woven into the cloth that is used for various commercial purposes. Jute is a cheap natural fiber that is biodegradable and recyclable. Its high tensile strength makes it useful for agricultural packaging and raw material packaging. It is also used to make fiber, yarn, sacks and net. Burlap is used for decorative purposes, in the construction industry and in gardening.


Burlap bags are widely used in the agricultural industry for the packaging and transportation of various food products. The bags come in a variety of sizes and fabric weights. They are strong, durable and an inexpensive option for packaging potatoes, onions, cabbages, nuts, lentils and peas. Types of burlap bags used in the agricultural industry include mesh, polypropylene and fabric bags. Burlap has other uses within the agricultural industry including plant protection against the weather elements, erosion and weed control.


In the construction industry, burlap is used for curing concrete because of its absorbent properties. Its absorbency is useful when periodic lapses in the sprinkling happen during the curing process. It is durable and can be re-wet as often as necessary to prevent concrete from drying too quickly. The use of burlap allows concrete to cure to its maximum strength. Burlap bags are used for the packaging and transportation of sand and cement used in construction.

Fashion Accessories

Burlap, which is strong, affordable and recyclable, is used to make fashionable shopping bags that make an eco-friendly substitute for plastic shopping bags. Burlap has become a fashion accessory item and is used to make handbags to match the individual’s outfit. The bags are available in bright colors, designs and sizes. Women’s bags, party purses and sling bags are fashionable accessories made from burlap.


The gardening industry benefits in several ways through the use of burlap including: in planting, burlap is used to protect areas where seeds can get blown or washed away; wrapped around the trunks of young trees, it protects the bark from mice and rabbits; it is used for balling roots and earth of transplant trees and shrubs; it is used to transport plants from nurseries; small squares of burlap filled with compost and tied at the top are used for brewing compost tea; in containers to prevent soil drainage from the bottom.

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