What to Do With Old Pillows?

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Pillows are notoriously difficult to wash and have a tendency to flatten and lose the plumpness for which they were bought or made. They can be put to many uses even when they have passed their best.

Pet Bedding

Old pillows can be passed on to keep your pet comfortable. Cats in particular appreciate a soft cushion. Pet rescue homes are likely to be happy to receive your old pillows as pet bedding gets worn out quickly, but check first.

Draft Exluder

Keep the house warm and cozy by making draft excluders to keep at the bottom of the doors. Old pillows make ideal stuffing for these fun additions to the home and help keep the bills down too.


Stuffing Stools and Chairs

Give old stools a new lease of life by reupholstering them. An old pillow provides a excellent source of stuffing and you can update the look with new fabric. The same idea can give dining chairs a whole new look and make them more comfortable.



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