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What Is the Difference Between Robbin's Personal Power & Personal Power 2?

Hold the power in your hands
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Created by the famed self-help leader Anthony Robbins, Personal Power and Personal Power 2 are both systems that promise to deliver satisfaction, success and ultimately happiness in a person's own life.


After 30 years of traveling the globe and speaking with people from all walks of life, Anthony Robbins has cultivated several programs that allow individuals to reach their maximum potential, despite any obstacles that might lay in their path. As he says, "you are your own limitation", a slogan that can be found repeatedly in his well-known course "Personal Power" and it's follow-up "Personal Power II".

Personal Power

One of his earliest programs, Personal Power, now referred to as Personal Power Classic Edition is a 7-disc DVD set that focuses on teaching people how to bring success to their lives. By creating a personal system Robbins taught that people could establish an inner dialogue that would eradicate external factors that allow negative thoughts and feelings to prohibit taking control of one's life.

Personal Power II

Building on what he discussed in the original series, Robbins compiled a 24-disc series. He claims that by listening to a CD each day for a month, there will be a dramatic shift in the way that people can view their lives to achieve dormant goals and dreams. He believes that there is a trigger within each of us that, once switched on, will transform passions into realities.

Primary Difference

Compounding on the knowledge gained between the release of Personal Power and Personal Power II, Tony Robbins reveals secrets in the second edition that could only be learned during this interim period. In addition, Personal Power II comes with a complementary CD that elucidates the Six Human Needs that shape your daily activities.


There is no need to complete Personal Power before moving on to Personal Power II. In addition, it is increasingly more difficult to obtain the original edition.

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