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How to Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in Final Fantasy VIII

Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in Final Fantasy VIII

The Final Fantasy VIII characters Sacred and Minotaur are also known as the GF Brothers. Sacred is found in the Tomb of the Unknown King, and you have to solve a puzzle before you can fight him. Minotaur is Sacred's older brother. Both are Earth GFs, and can restore their power if their feet are on the ground. Both are weak against wind and poison. Mad Cow Special is their special attack. By defeating these Brothers, you will gain 40 AP and win 8x G-Returners, 8x G-Hi-Potions and Sacred's card. This battle is tough at low levels, but by following these steps, defeating Sacred and Minotaur will be a little easier.

Defeat Sacred and Minotaur in Final Fantasy VIII

Things You'll Need:

  • 100X Aero
  • 100X Thundara/Fira/Blizzara
  • 100X Life
  • 100X Cura
  • 20X Float
  • Renzoukuken
  • Full Cure

Make sure Selphie is in your party and has learned Full Cure.

Have one character stock Double from Minotaur, and have a secondary spell junctioned on that character to help the percentage rate of not failing.

Keep Squall's HP low so he can use his Limit Break, Renzoukuken.

Have Selphie draw and cast Life on Squall. Do not cure him until he dies. This will allow him to use his Limit Break each time. Using Squall's Limit Break is a key element in defeating the Brothers.

Cast Double for all characters after stocking enough of them. This is because Minotaur has an attack that will take HP from all characters. Double will heal them more effectively.

Cast Aero, Fira, Blizzara and Thundara as attacks.

Cast Float on Sacred and Minotaur so that they can't restore their HP by using Earth Regeneration.

Have Selphie and your other character summon GFs whose element is wind or poison, as these are the Brothers' weaknesses.


If Squall is low on HP and you are unable to to use Renzoukuken when you should be, continuously and quickly cycle through characters until the game lets you use Squall's Limit Break.

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