What Can You Make With Plastic Coke Bottles?

Reuse plastic bottles with some craft projects.
Jeffrey Hamilton/Photodisc/Getty Images

Rather than throwing them away, give empty plastic soda bottles new life by using them for a variety of crafts. Reusing recyclable items is not only fun, it's good for the environment. So show off your creativity and be a friend to the earth by making new, cool things with old, plastic Coke bottles.

Candle Holder

Transform an old plastic Coke bottle into a candle holder and make a beautiful decoration for your home. Create room for a candle by cutting off the top of the bottle with scissors. For a stained glass look, color the outside of the plastic bottle with colorful permanent markers. Add some extra glitz by gluing sequins or plastic gems on the side, too. For an easy-to-make candle holder, simply fill the trimmed bottle with decorative stones or colored sand that hold a candle in place.


Take your environmentally friendly craft one step further by making a green terrarium. Use scissors to cut off the top of the bottle. Fill the inside of the bottle with soil, plants, moss and other organisms. When you've finished filling the contents of the terrarium, seal it off with a layer of plastic wrap or wax. Make the terrarium extra special by decorating the outside of it with tinsel or ribbon, stickers, paint and other decorative touches.

Bird Feeder

Help out the birds by turning an old plastic bottle into a bird feeder. Use a craft knife to cut a sets of holes in the bottle, directly across from each other, about 4 inches from the bottom. Make another set of holes perpendicular to the first ones and about 2 inches lower. Insert the handles of wooden spoons into both sets of holes. To hang the feeder, twist a small eye screw into the top of the cap, then hang it with twine. When you fill the feeder with seeds, the seeds will spill onto the spoon, where the birds can enjoy it.

Tornado Tube

Use your old Coke bottles to make an interesting science experiment. Grab two plastic soda bottles and remove their labels. Fill one of the bottles with water. Add a some food coloring to make the tornado tube more exciting. After connecting the two bottles with a Tornado Tube connector toy or lots of duct tape, flip the bottles so the water is on top. Swirl the water by rotating the bottle clockwise and watch as a tornado forms.