How to Make a Doll From a Bottle of Dish Soap

container of liquid for cleaning dishes/ product image by L. Shat from

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic dish soap bottle
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrap fabric cut into smaller strips (1-inch to 3-inches across; length can vary)
  • Ribbon
  • 2-inch foam ball
  • Markers
  • Yarn

When you're finished using all of the soap that's in a bottle of dish soap, the bottle itself is often recycled or simply thrown away. One alternative is to make a whimsical doll craft out of the used plastic dish soap bottle. You can collect basic craft materials, such as scrap fabric and ribbon, with which you can decorate the outside of the bottle to resemble a doll that can be played with or displayed.

Wash and dry a plastic dish soap bottle to remove any remaining soap. Soak the bottle until you are able to remove any labels.

Cover the entire surface of the bottle with craft glue.

Wrap scrap fabric around the bottle from top to bottom and allow the craft glue to dry completely. Use a scissors to cut pieces of fabric best suited to the area of the bottle you are attempting to cover; smaller pieces will be needed near the top and larger pieces will be needed near the bottom of the container.

Glue a ribbon around the narrow part of the bottle. This will be the doll's waist.

Glue the foam ball onto the top of the bottle. This will be the doll's head.

Draw a face onto the ball with markers. Use markers that have a fine line; permanent markers are also a good choice.

Glue yarn onto the top of the foam ball. This will be the doll's hair.

Allow the glue to dry completely before displaying or playing with your dish soap bottle doll.