What Are Singers' In-Ear Earphones Used For?

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Professional singers use a variety of equipment in their work. In-ear earphones are just one of the tools they use to enhance their performances. These small devices are designed to allow the singer to hear transmitted communications, even in the presence of loud music and cheering from the crowd.

Voice Amplifiation

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For a professional singer to sound her best, she must be able to tell whether or not she is singing in tune. In-ear earphones help singers accomplish this by amplifying their voices so they can better hear how they sound. In addition to staying in tune, in-ear earphones help singers ensure they are staying in rhythm with the music by transmitting the sounds of the musical instruments and other singers on stage.


Singers also use in-ear earphones as tools to receive communications updates from stage directors and music producers during their performances. These people provide updates and technical information to singers through microphones that transmit directly through the artists' earphones. Transmissions can be sent to let the singer know if the show is running over or to tell him to stop performing in the event of an emergency or safety issue.


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In addition to live performances, singers use in-ear microphones as a tool when recording in a studio. The microphones help to drown out background noise and amplify the sound of the singer's voice while recording. In-ear microphones also allow singers to record tracks with pre-recorded music, eliminating the need for live musicians to be present during the recording process. This allows the singer to correct specific pieces of the vocal track without recording the entire song.


Cheering crowds can cause damage to the inner ear
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One of the most beneficial aspects of in-ear microphones is protection. Loud music, cheering crowds and background vocals can cause damage to the inner ear, which can result in hearing loss if ear protection is not worn. In-ear microphones allow singers to hear what they need to without being exposed to dangerous levels of noise.