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How to Use the Self-Timer on My Fuji Camera

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Using the self-timer on a Fuji camera is a great way to take self-portraits, get the photographer into a group shot and to avoid unnecessary blurring caused by camera movement. Setting the self-timer is extremely easy, takes just a few seconds and can be used in both auto and manual modes for any digital Fuji camera. Most Fuji cameras also have at least two self-timer settings, so you can choose the amount of time it takes for the shutter to activate and snap the photo.

Turn the camera on and choose all of the other settings, like “Auto” or “Manual” mode, ISO and any other effects you want for the picture.

Locate the self-timer button. On most Fuji cameras, it looks like a small circular clock with a second hand pointing to about 11 o’clock and is usually located on the bottom portion of the main, circular “Selector” button. Press the self-timer button to select the amount of seconds to elapse before the picture is taken. On most cameras, there will be three options: “10s” for 10 seconds, “2s” for two seconds and “Off.”

Set the camera on a stable platform, like a tripod or a flat rock, if the photographer will not hold the camera while taking the picture. Focus the camera lens by depressing the shutter button halfway down.

Start the timer by depressing the “shutter” button the rest of the way down. The camera’s monitor will display the remaining seconds until releasing the shutter and snapping the picture. Get running if you’re in the picture.

Stop the timer before the shutter is released by pressing the “Display/Back” button.


Don't stand in front of the camera when focusing the camera for the picture. This will cause the photo to come out blurry as the focus will be on you rather than your subject. A light on the front of the camera will blink rapidly just before the picture is taken.


  • Be careful when setting up your camera on an unstable surface, as wind and other things can knock your camera over, damaging it.
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