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How to Use a Moultrie Gamespy D50 Camera

Moultrie 4.0MP Game Watcher Camera Instructions
Karunakar Rayker, http://www.sxc.hu/profile/krayker

The Moultrie Gamespy D50 camera is used by hunters to scout out hunting locations. The camera uses an infrared sensor to detect movement and then snaps a picture or takes a video of the activity. The pictures and videos are time-stamped to provide you with as much information as possible. To use the Gamespy D50, you need to install batteries, complete the setup procedure and activate the camera. You can review your pictures or videos on a television or computer.


Turn the housing clip on the front of the camera to the "Unlock" position and swing open the outer casing of the camera.

Pull the internal housing out of the camera and open the battery chamber door, located on the back of the inner housing.

Insert six D batteries into the battery compartment and close the battery cover. Reinsert the inner housing, swing the outer housing shut and turn the housing clips to the "Lock" position.


Move the function switch to the "Setup" position and hold the "On/Off" button until "Setup Menu" appears on the LCD screen.

Press the "Select" button to start setting the date and time. The "months" unit will flash. Change the month by pressing the up or down arrow buttons and then press the "Select" button. Continue in this manner to set the "day," "year," "hour," "minute" and "AM/PM" units. Press "Select" after inputting the AM/PM unit.

Push the down button to access the "Reset Events" menu and then press "Select." Press the up arrow button to choose "Yes" or the down arrow button to choose "No," and then press "Select." If you choose "Yes," the picture and video counter will revert to "0." The counter will remain the same if you choose "No."

Use the down arrow to select the "Erase Images" menu and press "Select." Choose "Yes" or "No" and press the "Select" button. All of the images on your Moultrie Gamespy D50 camera will erase if you choose "Yes."

Open the "Flash" menu and press the up arrow for "Auto" or the down arrow for "Off." Press "Select" to confirm the selection. When set to "Auto," the flash will go off in low light conditions.

Press the down arrow button to choose "Capture Mode," press the "Select" button and use the up arrow button to select "Still" and the down arrow button to select "Video." Press the "Select" button when you have made your selection.

Push the down arrow button to access the "Image Quality" menu and then use the arrow buttons to choose between "Low," "Medium" or "High" quality images. The lower the resolution, the more pictures you can store on your camera. Press "Select" to save your selection.

Access the "Video Quality" menu and use the arrow buttons to choose between "Low" and "High." Push "Select" to make your selection.

Open the "Event Delay" menu and use the up and down arrow buttons to choose "1 Min," "5 Min," "10 Min" or "60 Min." The amount of time you choose is how long before the camera takes a picture or video after the camera recognizes movement. Save the setting by pressing the "Select" button.

Press the down arrow to access "Multi-Shots." Press the up or down arrows to choose between "1 Shot," "2 Shot" or "3 Shot," and press the "Select" button.

Open "Camera ID" to name your camera. Press the up or down arrows to find the correct letter, and then press the "Change" button to move to the next letter. Continue until the name is complete, and then press the "Select" button.

Using the Camera

Press and hold the "On/Off" button until the LCD comes on the camera.

Move the mode switch to "Auto." When in "Auto" mode, the Moultrie Gamespy D50 uses infrared technology to detect any movement, after which it will take pictures or video.

Plug a video cable into the "TV Out" jack on the camera and plug the other end into a television to review your images. Slide the Mode switch to "Playback" and then press the up or down arrow buttons to scroll through the images.

Connect a USB cord to the "USB Out" port on your camera and plug the opposite end into a USB port on your computer. Turn on the camera and move the Mode switch to "Setup." Open up "My Computer" on your computer and open the "Removable Drive" to view your images.

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