How to Troubleshoot Miller Welders

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Miller Welding is a company that specializes in welding equipment, from MIG, or metal inert gas, welders to stick welders. When they are in working order, they are effective welding units for home or retail purposes. However, potential problems could range from an incorrectly configured machine, dirty collector rings or faulty spark plugs, and if you understand these problems you can fix them and get your welder up and running once again.

Ensure the welder is properly set up if you aren't getting any output from the unit. Ensure the "Weld/Power" switch in the "Power" position. Make sure the throttle is in the "Power" position.

Check the connections to make sure they are secure if there is no weld output, then shift the "Weld/Power" switch to the "Weld" position.

Use 120-grit sandpaper to clean the collector rings on the welder. Accumulated dirt and debris can often be responsible for incidences of the welder having low power and low weld output.

Remove your spark plug with a socket wrench and check it for dirt and corrosion, which may be impeding the running of the unit. Use a wire brush to clean the socket or replace the plug if the insulation has sustained damage.