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Trivia Game Ideas

People of almost any age can enjoy playing trivia games.
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What better way to energize your guests and activate some laughter than by initiating a group game? Playable by small and large groups, trivia games require only a little preparation and thought to succeed. Adapt this versatile game type to almost any age group or gathering, special occasion or just a Friday night get-together. The number of ideas is limited only by the reach of your imagination and time.

Finish the Lyric

For this trivia game, you'll need to find a songbook of popular songs. Before playing, the game leader must go through the songs to be used. She should white-out or cover one phrase or word in each line of the songs, writing in the blanked-out words at the end of the lines so that they are easy to find. To play, the game leader either recites or sings the song minus the blanked-out lines. The players must fill in the blanks with the correct lyrics.

Then and Now

The perfect game for a milestone birthday, Then and Now tests party-goers on common knowledge items from the past. Prepare for this game by deciding on what year you will base the trivia questions. Say the honored guest turned 20 years old in 1941. Do some interesting research at the library, on the Internet, and in magazines from that time, and write some questions based on that research, such as, "What was the price of gas in 1941?" and "How much did a gallon of milk cost in 1941?" Everyone will learn a lot, and the honored guest will leave with cherished memories renewed.

Family Holiday Trivia

The more players for this game, the merrier. Prepare by obtaining a scoreboard (a flip easel or even a blank notebook). Using index cards, write out as many trivia questions relating to past family holidays as possible. Write the answers on the opposite side of the cards. Make sure that most of the questions involve the people playing the game. Ideas include asking who cooked the turkey at last year's Thanksgiving dinner, or who is known for wrapping gifts in comics.

Movie Trivia

Before the party, select a few well-known movies, and develop trivia questions based on them. Write these questions on large index cards, using several questions per card. Don't include the answers. When guests arrive, hand them a card and encourage them to fill in the answers. Halfway through the party, collect the cards, tally up the correct answers, announce the winner, and award a prize. Specialize this game for holidays, using only movies that relate to Christmas, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah or whatever holiday you are celebrating.

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