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Transformer Crafts

Children can create their own Transformers using a few supplies.
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Many children find Transformers entertaining and fascinating. When planning a birthday party or Transformers-themed gathering, you can create crafts that incorporate the toy robots into the activities. Children who talk about Autobots and Decepticons will enjoy making their favorite Transformer, whether it is the Optimus Prime or Cliffjumper. With a few supplies and children with a creative imagination, you have exactly what you need to get them started.

Easy Crafts

Create easy crafts by printing several Transformers coloring pages. Give each child a page and have him color it using markers, crayons or paint. To make the Transformers shiny, the children can use metallic paint pens. For added fun, ask the children to tape their pictures to the bottom of a shoe box or similar container. They can stand the box on end to make their Transformer stand up. For an added effect, help the children cut the Transformer out of the box and leave the bottom part of the box as a base.

Building Crafts

Ask the children to sit around a table and give them a variety of supplies to build their own Transformers. Some supplies include cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, markers, paint, Transformers-themed stickers, lids (to make buttons and gadgets), old computer chips, CDs, plumbing parts, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. The children can build their own Transformers to take home. For another idea, give the children miniature boxes or juice boxes to create miniature Transformers.

Edible Crafts

Use a robot-shaped cookie cutter to make plain sugar cookies. Give each child a plain cookie and have him decorate it to resemble a Transformer. The children can use icing, sprinkles, metallic icing pens, candy pieces and food coloring markers. Another edible craft is Autobot miniature pizzas, suggested by the Kids Birthday Party Guide website. Spread marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese on English muffin halves. Give two halves to each child and have him decorate the miniature pizzas with funny robot faces using olives, pepperonis, peppers, mushrooms and hamburger pieces.

Mask Crafts

For a simple mask craft, give each child a Transformers party mask and have him decorate it with stickers. You can also let the children create their own masks by printing plain Transformers masks. Tell them to color the mask and tape it on card stock paper to make it more durable. Cut the mask out and attach a piece of elastic string to the mask so the children can wear it. Be sure to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth for each child.

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