Tissue Paper and Mod Podge Crafts

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Mod Podge by Plaid is an all-purpose glue that also functions as a sealer and finish. Originally developed in 1967 for decoupage, it has since become a favorite supply for many other craft and decorative art applications. Crafters appreciate its ease of use and flexibility. Water-based for easy cleanup, it's also nontoxic and comes in both matte and glossy formulas. When used with tissue paper, Mod Podge allows the crafter to decorate objects with a colorful finish that looks like a cross between stained glass and paper-mache. Since tissue paper is translucent, overlapping pieces allows colors to blend. The combination of Mod Podge and tissue paper has an unlimited amount of creative possibilities.


When tissue paper pieces are soaked in Mod Podge and then applied to a glass surface, the result is a colorful translucent surface that filters light through the paper. This technique transforms plain glass bottles into fancy vases and turns boring glass containers into trendy candle holders, intriguing pots for small plants or sun-catching window containers.


Use Mod Podge and tissue paper to create striking patterns and designs on large or small canvases. Artists can easily create colorful and attractive pieces of art with minimal supplies. Soak or dip the tissue paper into the Mod Podge. Then, arrange the damp pieces on the canvas either following a preliminary sketch — or spontaneously — and finish with a brushed-on coat of Mod Podge.

Home Decor

Decorate humdrum household furnishings, such as refrigerators, desks or tables, with Mod Podge and tissue paper. The surface of the object is first treated with a coat of Mod Podge and then the tissue paper is applied to it. Often, the tissue paper is intentionally wrinkled to give the surface some texture. Then, a final coat of Mod Podge is applied with a brush, to seal and protect it.

Other Crafts

For those with a flair for creativity, the uses of Mod Podge and tissue paper are nearly endless. For example, jazz up school supplies by decorating the bland cover of a vinyl looseleaf binder, portfolio or folder. Secure colorful tissue paper around a favorite photo to create a high energy frame. Place tissue paper and Mod Podge on a plainly wrapped present to give the gift a fancy designer look that will win rave reviews at birthday parties or holidays. Small bits of overlapped tissue paper and Mod Podge make creative and colorful Easter eggs.