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How to Make Swans Out of Foil

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Impress your guests by wrapping leftovers into a swan-shaped package to sail home with them. Aluminum foil folds and molds into a simple but elegant food carrier, often used in Asian restaurants to box food-to-go after a meal. Foil swans are a thoughtful touch for care packages of homemade treats as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Leftovers
Andres Arango/Demand Media

Lay a large piece of tin foil on a flat surface and put the food in the center.

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Fold one long side of the tin foil over and tuck it under the food.

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Fold the other long side over and wrap it snugly around the food.

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Twist the foil on each end of the food so it makes a tight seal. It will look like a piece of wrapped candy.

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Twist one end around into a neck that arches slightly and bend the tip over to form a beak.

Andres Arango/Demand Media

Fan out the other end for the tail and tuck the tip of the end back into the twisted base.


  • Do not let the base twist come unraveled or the food will leak out.

    Heavy food may require initial wrapping in a separate piece of plastic wrap or foil before finishing it off with a decorative swan wrapper.

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