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How to Make Flowers out of Dollar Bills

Use whatever denomination you like.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Learning to make flowers out of dollar bills will help you create valuable and unique bouquets that will never die. They make good gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and a full range of other special occasions. You can even make one for yourself, keeping beauty and bucks constantly within your line of vision.

Things You'll Need:

  • Toothpick
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire
  • Five Newer Dollar Bills

Make a Dollar Rose Petal

Make sure the bill isn't crumpled.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Place a newer dollar bill on a flat surface, with the front side facing up.

Make the curls tight and even.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Use a toothpick to curl the bill inward a short amount on each of its four corners. You want each corner to roll as evenly as possible toward the center.

Don't let the curls unfold.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Place your bill face down.

You don't need to crease the fold tightly.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Fold your dollar bill in half.

Make sure the wire is right up against the fold.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Put a piece of your floral wire in the fold.

Crumple from the inside out to the edges.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Crumple the fold of the bill to the floral wire. Bunch the bill up into petals. You'll need to be gentle with your crumpling to avoid tearing the dollar.

Twist tightly enough to hold the bill in place.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Pull the floral wire so that the bill is in the center. Twist the wire so that it forms the stem of your money flower.

Form a Money Rose

The stems should all be the same length.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Create five dollar petals.

Overlap the petals to form a rose.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Take one dollar petal in your hand, and begin adding the others to it in a spiral. Arrange the dollars to conceal each petal's open sides.

Twist evenly so that all the stems are locked in place.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Twist the floral wires of the dollar petals together to form one thicker stem.

Work slowly so that the stem is evenly wrapped.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Wrap the stem with floral tape. Start at the base of your flower and work your way down to the end of the stem.

You can make the rose into a bud or a more open flower.
Ariel Gonzalez/Demand Media

Adjust your flower petals slightly so that they resemble a rose.


If you want to add leaves to your money flower, buy some artificial ones and tape them onto your floral wire.


  • There is a law concerning the intentional defacement of United States currency. You should read it to decide whether and how the law applies to what you intend to do. In most cases, creating a money flower will not render it unusable. You can find the text of the law at FindLaw.com.
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