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How to Throw a Bola

Bolas are primitive hunting tools made of leather and stones used to capture small game. The bola is usually made up of three strips of leather; two of equal length and one longer than the other two. Stones or other weighted objects are tied to the ends of the leather strips; two of equal weight on the equal lengths and a lighter one on the longer strap. The bola must be thrown in such a way as to allow the stones to spread out in the air evenly. If thrown correctly, the bola's straps will wrap around its target and ensnare it.

Thrown from the Hip

Hold the bola with your index and middle finger between the straps, keeping the stones and straps separated.

Keep the bola's straps untangled down at the hip.

Concentrate on your target, take a step forward and throw the bola from your hip using an overhand motion.

Follow through with the toss.

Thrown Overhead

Hold the bola by the longer length with the lighter stone.

Swing the bola overhead until you have gathered enough momentum.

Throw the smaller stone at the target when the two larger stones are parallel to each other.

Follow through with your throw.


If the target is moving, try and throw the bola a little in front of the target. This will allow the target to reach the spot you have thrown the bola by the time the bola gets there.


  • Keep the bola's stones clear of your legs and head when you throw to prevent any accidental injury.
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