The Value of an Oscar Schmidt Autoharp

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The Oscar Schmidt musical instrument company has been producing Autoharps for more than 100 years. As with any vintage instrument, establishing the value of an old Autoharp can be difficult, but newer models are fairly easy to price.

Newer Instruments

The Oscar Schmidt website offers specifications and prices for their entire current range of Autoharps, from the OS15B at $379.90 to the OS110 21FHS at $669.90 USD (as of August 2010). You can often find lower prices from dealers or online.

Older Instruments

The value of a vintage instrument can vary tremendously, depending on the year it was made, its condition, the quality and originality of its hardware, even its story and previous owners. Checking the serial number against Oscar Schmidt’s database to establish the model, series and year of construction is a good start. Send an email directly to the company, or phone to ask for advice.



An experienced dealer of Autoharps is a resource you should use. Take the instrument to a store to be valued by an expert who has experience selling similar instruments.



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