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What Is a Currier Piano?

Used Currier pianos are widely available in several model styles.
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A Currier piano is a piano manufactured by Currier & Company, which was founded by Ebenezer Bronson Currier in 1823. The first showroom in Boston, Massachusetts featured upright and horizontal pianos. Currier pianos were produced until 1981. The company is no longer in business. American presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams owned Currier pianos. During its more than 150 years in business, Currier produced numerous piano models.

Modern Production

Currier produced its modern pianos at a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in North Carolina. The mountain location offered an abundant supply of hardwood and fruitwood trees from which the pianos were constructed. Currier also credited its mountain craftsmen with a keen attention to detail. It was at the North Carolina plant that Currier expanded its production to include deluxe console uprights and a line of grand pianos, in addition for its regular spinet and console production.

Revolutionary Protective Finish

In 1977 Currier received a U.S. trademark for a breakthrough protective finish for its hardwood pianos. "Curriercote" was developed through a partnership between the former president of Currier and Eastman Chemical Products. Curriercote was a cellulose acetate butyrate formulation designed to form a tough barrier protecting Currier pianos from scratches, water damage and cigarette burns. This finish helps preserve the value of Currier pianos.

Currier Sold

In 1973 the Currier Piano Company was purchased by Charles Kaman. Kaman was the inventor of the Ovation guitar. The decision to end production of Currier pianos in 1981 was prompted by competition to produce less expensive pianos from manufacturers in Asia and the depressed state of the overall piano industry.

Determining Value

Before determining the value of a Currier piano you must know the model of the instrument and figure out its age. Determine when the piano was made by locating the serial number which is on the interior of the piano. Other factors which determine the value of a Currier piano include its overall appearance, keyboard, pedal and string condition and leg sturdiness. Professional piano technicians can determine the exact value of the piano. There are also blue book listings which give a general value.

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