The Hustle Basic Dance Steps

Learn how to do basic dance steps in the Hustle with expert dancing tips and techniques in this free dance lesson video.

About the Author

Simone Assboek has 15 years' experience teaching dance, and has been teaching at Stepping Out Studios, one of New York's most renowned Ballroom dance studios, since 2001. There, she added Hustle, Salsa, Swing and American Style Ballroom to her repertoire. Her passion for dance paved the way for her to perform at such events as the New York City Festival of Dance, and Midsummer Night's Swing at Lincoln Center. Tybaldt Ulrich has performed in 31 states with his partner and wife, Hazel Mede-Ulrich; the touring company of Swing Dance America; and his competitive Swing dance teams, now in their 6th year. He currently teaches Swing, West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, Hustle and the Texas Two-Step at Stepping Out Studios.