The Best Wedding Colors for October

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Successful wedding decor is in the details, so naturally you'll want to select a color scheme that blends well with the season of your wedding. If choosing colors for an October wedding seems challenging, draw from colors found in nature during fall and accent them with contrasting or complementary colors. Follow this formula and there is no limit to the number of pleasing color schemes you can come up with for your October wedding.


Discard any preconceived notions of dullness when considering the color brown. Although it is a muted and earthy tone, brown works wonders for grounding a light color. Brown creates contrast against a pastel or bright hue so that it really pops. Pair brown with a tangy orange, baby blue, lime green, pastel pink or lemon yellow. Brown bridesmaid dresses that are patterned or polka dotted look cheerful and whimsical. Select bright-colored flowers and balance them out with brown ribbon. Brown invitations or place cards embossed with bright lettering will keep guests talking.


Gourds, flowers, pumpkins and leaves are sources for wedding color inspiration in October. Use orange to emphasize the presence of fall. Orange pairs well with other warm colors, such as golden yellow or red. Use one or more warm colors to craft stunning floral arrangements. Or, create eclectic table settings by combining orange with jewel tones. Use fuchsia, violet and orange in your linens, plates and silverware for a dramatic effect. Pair orange with its complement, blue, or a variation of blue, such as teal or indigo, for a fun, bold color scheme.


Purple exudes elegance, as it symbolizes wealth and royalty, according to the Kansas State University website. Experiment with purple and gold, which go together well. Pair purple with another rich hue, such as red, and create an ultra-romantic color scheme. Notably, purple can be a standalone color. Use one especially lavish shade of purple on its own and your wedding will embody the richness of fall.


Introduce warmth and sunshine to your October wedding by selecting yellow. If fall is especially drab at your wedding location, don't miss the opportunity to spruce up your surroundings by using marigolds, chrysanthemums and daisies in your decor. Sunflowers are big, bright and bold flowers that are beautiful in bouquets and table centerpieces. Pair white with yellow for a delicate, airy look. Or, introduce oranges and reds into a color scheme that mimics fall leaves.