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What Colors Should I Wear for a Photo Shoot?

Consider a variety of color options when selecting your attire.
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Dressing well for a photography shoot can be a challenge for novices. The colors you choose are particularly important as you want to use them to highlight your best features. With a few tips, however, you can select the right colors to create beautiful pictures that you will enjoy for years to come.

Bold or Dark

Rather than pastels, bold colors work best for photo shoots. Select colors which flatter your skin tone and highlight your eye color; for example, emerald green would be the perfect contrast for a pale-skinned, green-eyed redhead. Select dark colors, such as midnight blue, for a slimming effect.


Choose solids rather than patterns when you are going to be photographed. According to Spectrum Photography Tips, solids are less distracting to the eye, meaning that the viewer will be drawn to your face.

Complementary Hues

Although you don't have to dress in a single color for your shoot, you should make sure, however, that you wear complementary hues, or variations of the same color, rather than contrasting colors. For instance, you can pair dark blue jeans with a lighter-colored jean jacket.


Consider the pictures' background when you are dressing for a photo shoot. Natural colors, such as earthy browns, greens and navy, work well outdoors. Select bolder hues for inside shoots, especially those with light backgrounds; these allow you to experiment with such vibrant color choices as fuchsia.

For Groups

Coordinate your choice of colors with others involved for a group photo shoot. Organize it so that all members of the group are wearing choices within the same color family. For example, your group could be coordinated in autumn colors, like maroons and browns, for a Thanksgiving-themed shoot.

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