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Colors That Go With Electric Blue

Electric blue is a light, but still bright, blue color, very similar to cyan. To find out what colors go well with electric blue, you'll have to know a little bit about the color wheel. There are several colors that will go with electric based on its position on the color wheel.

Contrasting/Complementary Color

Look at a detailed color wheel to find out what one color goes perfectly with electric blue. These colors are called contrasting, or often complementary, colors because the color's perfect complement is the one that sits directly across from it on the color wheel. This complementary color will bring out your main color. By looking at a regular color wheel, you'll notice that orange is the complementary color to blue. On a detailed color wheel, electric blue's complementary color is more of a light red-orange.

Color Hue

Colors that complement one another are also colors within the same hue or family on the color wheel. These colors will not make the color "pop" as true complementary colors will, but they will blend well with or match nicely with your color. Looking at electric blue on a detailed color wheel, you'll see several different colors that sit on the same "pie piece." With that information, colors that go well with electric blue will be cyan, light blue and midnight blue. Navy, aqua and cerulean blues will also complement electric blue well.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are the colors that fall next to your color on the color wheel, like blue and green. Although the analogous color to electric blue will not create any contrast, it will match the color well. On a detailed color wheel, you'll see that the analogous color to the left of electric blue is a very light green-blue, or sea foam green color. The analogous color to the right of electric blue is a soft powder blue.

Create Your Own Tertiary Color

Tertiary colors are the colors that are created when a primary color (red, yellow or blue) is mixed with a secondary color (orange, green or purple). You can easily create your own color that goes with electric blue if you're working with paint. Mixing electric blue with different shades of green or even purple will allow you to create new colors. These colors will complement electric blue since it was used to make the color. You can experiment with different amounts of each color to form new colors.

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