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The Best Way to Hang Pictures Going Up Stairs

Jessica Mundt/Demand Media

Movies, home improvement magazines and television shows all have images of perfectly aligned pictures going up a staircase. When you set out to hang pictures along your staircase, there are a few strategies you should follow that will help you to get the results you are looking for and add that extra touch to your home decor.


Jessica Mundt/Demand Media

When you install pictures on the wall of your staircase you should try to keep them at least four feet off of each stair. Measure from the stair to the bottom of the frame. By using each stair as a measuring point you are more apt to get an even look when you put the pictures up. Follow the stairs when you hang pictures and do not hang pictures all in one row over one particular stair. Using a vertical hanging pattern will not be nearly as aesthetically pleasing as a horizontal pattern that ascends with the stairs.

Matching Sizes

Jessica Mundt/Demand Media

One of the more efficient-looking ways of hanging pictures along a stairway wall is to have the pictures grouped by the size of the frame. If you could have all of your pictures in the same size frame, this would give a symmetrical look to your display that would work very well. If you have different-sized frames, try to surround larger frames with smaller ones in a circular display pattern on the wall. This flowering effect will allow the large picture to stand out. Try to have the larger pictures installed higher up on the wall.

Securing the Pictures

Jessica Mundt/Demand Media

For most walls, a single picture-hanging hook for each picture is adequate. A stairway, however, is a place where there is a lot of vibration from people walking up and down the stairs, and these vibrations can cause pictures that are not properly attached to the wall to fall off. Instead of one hook attached to a point on the frame, use picture frame wire strung across the back of the frame and two picture hooks to hold each picture in place. With the two hooks holding onto the frame wire, the picture is more apt to stay in place when the stairs vibrate.

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