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How to Hang a Mirror Above a Buffet

Draw attention to your buffet by hanging a mirror above it.
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Hanging a mirror above a buffet or sideboard is a perfect way to offset the low height of the furniture piece and to visually enlarge the room. Mirrors reflect light and whatever is opposite them. Therefore, if you have an attractive piece of art or a breathtaking view, the mirror helps create a pleasing visual effect. Mounting the mirror above the buffet is not an arduous chore if you have the proper tools.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Picture Hanging Hooks
  • Masking Tape
  • Large Sheet Of Paper Or Newspaper

Place the mirror on a work surface on top of a large sheet of paper or newspaper.

Trace around the mirror with a sharp pencil.

Cut out the mirror shape with scissors.

Attach the paper on the wall above the buffet with masking tape. Reposition the paper, if necessary, to find the best placement for the mirror. This prevents you from having to handle the heavy mirror which could increase the chances of breaking it.

Mark the wall where the top edge of the paper rests in two places near each end once you decide on the best location for the mirror. This allows you to hang the mirror straight by lining up the top edge with the two marks.

Stretch the tape measure vertically from the top edge of the back of the mirror to the mounting D-rings or eyelet hooks if you are using wire to mount it on the wall. Also determine how far from the left and right edge the D-rings or wire eyelet hooks sit. Mark this distance on the wall down from the marks you made to indicate the top edge of the mirror. This allows you to determine where to place your picture hooks. It is advisable to use two or more hooks for large, heavy mirrors.

Slide the nail into the hole on the picture hanger hook. Hammer it into the wall at the first mark so that the bottom of the picture hook rests on the mark. The nail enters at an angle and is effective at holding mirrors and all types of heavy decorative artwork. Repeat the method with the other picture hook on the second mark. It is not necessary to use two if the mirror is small.

Line up the D-rings or wire on the back of the mirror with the hooks on the picture hangers and hang it carefully above the buffet.


Purchase picture hanger hooks that are appropriate for the weight of your mirror. For instance, a one-nail picture hook holds mirrors or other art that weighs 30 pounds or less. Read the directions on the picture hooks before purchasing them to ensure you get the right ones.

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