Telephone Crafts for Preschoolers

By Mary Davis ; Updated September 15, 2017
Offer telephone crafts for preschoolers to make.

Telephones have changed throughout the years. Many preschoolers will recognize push button home phones, both corded and wireless. Most children however, will be very familiar with cell phones. Preschoolers can make telephone crafts for to play with, and also to learn their phone numbers and other number activities.

Home Phone

Provide a shoebox lid, two large pompons and a tongue depressor craft stick for each preschooler. Have them color the inside of the shoebox lid with crayons or markers. Give each child a sheet of number stickers. Show the children a telephone keypad and help them place stickers inside the lid to look like a keypad. They can glue a large pompon onto each end of a tongue depressor stick. The children can place their phone receivers inside the shoebox lid. Have them practice "pushing" the number buttons for their own phone number.

Cup Telephones

Have preschoolers paint two paper cups. Poke a hole in the bottom of each phone. Thread one end of a length of string through the outside of the hole in one cup. Tape the string on the inside of the cup bottom. Repeat for the second cup. Have two children play with one telephone set at a time. One child should talk into a cup and the other should listen through the second cup.

Cell Phone

Before class time, spray paint a hinged-lid mint tin for each preschooler. Give each child a copy of a printed page with a keypad. They can color and cut out the keypad. Have them use glue the paper keypad to the bottom inside of the mint tin. The children can decorate the outside of their cell phones with stickers, markers or crayons as they wish.

Listening Phone

Preschoolers can make a cordless-type phone that fits their hands well. Cover a rectangular cardboard spaghetti box with any color of duct tape for each child. The tape will make the box more sturdy for preschooler use. Have the children place number stickers on one side of the phone. If an LED screen is desired, have the kids attach a small square of foil to above the numbers with clear tape. Encourage preschoolers to hold their phone to one ear to listen while you tell a story.

Paper Telephone

Reproduce a copy of a two-piece home phone for each preschooler. The children should cut out both pieces of the phone. They can color their phones, glue small squares of tissue paper onto them or use bingo ink markers to cover the paper pieces with colorful dots. Have them tape one end of a piece of ribbon onto the telephone base and the other end of the ribbon onto the receiver piece. Encourage the preschoolers to print their phone numbers on the center of their finished telephone craft.

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