Step-by-Step Hip Hop Dance Steps for Boys

Learn popular hip hop dance steps.
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Hip hop dancing has quickly become popular among kids, teenagers and adults. Although it looks complicated, most moves begin with just three basic steps; quick, slow and triple. Every move is a combination of moves, and learning them simply requires breaking down the combination into counts to the beat and breaking that down into separate movements. Then combine them for hip hop dance routine. This is a good workout as it increases your balance and strengthening and toning your muscles. Remember to warm up before dancing; as with any exercise, stretching is important to prevent injury.

Three Basic Tempos

Move one step per beat, alternating your left and right foot. Count the beat: one-two-three-four. Move in any direction you feel, just keep the rhythm of the beat.

Move one step per every other beat alternating left and right foot. Count the same beat as in step 1 only move on the odd number count only.

Move three steps per beat alternating left and right foot. Count the beat as: one and two and three and four, moving on each count. Keep your body moving and tap your feet for the third step, in between the counts.

Slide, Toe Drag

Move your body to the right while swinging your right arm up and over your head towards your left.

Drag your right toe in the same direction your body is going.

Bring your left arm behind you and make a fist as you bring you bring your right arm down in front of your body, dropping to the ground at the end of the slide.

Quick Step and Punch Down

Step forward with your left foot and step back two times and then repeat with your right foot. As you move your foot forward bring the opposite hand forward. For example, right foot and left hand forward and then repeat for the other side.

Move your right foot and right arm to the left while you bring your left knee up and then down at your side with your left arm crossing over your chest grabbing your elbow with your hand. Repeat to the other side.

Bring your body center and punch down with both hands. Make the moves very deliberate and smooth. When punch down go as low as you can and then pop up.

Step, Snap and Crisscross

Step to the left with your left foot. Move your left arm in the same direction like you are pointing with your hand to the left.

Snap down to the left, bringing your right knee up high. As you bring your knee down your right hand should follow, going down low at the same time, and then snap up.

Jump in a crisscross with your legs (left over right) and then lean your body to the left and then to the right making smooth movements in the same directions with your arms. Repeat to the other side, crossing your right foot over your left.