Spy Costume Ideas

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Dressing as a spy allows people to step into the exciting world of travel, intrigue, danger and gadgets. Pop culture has provided the world with every type of spy imaginable, from smooth and masterful to bumbling and comical. Kids and adults both have plenty of inspiration on television and film to inspire the perfect spy outfit for Halloween or a costume party.

James Bond

James Bond is the quintessential spy. Many options exist for simple but authentic costumes based on characters from the Bond films. Dress as the man himself with a white dinner jacket, bow tie, black pants and a martini. Women can dress as any number of Bond babes. Wear a slinky evening gown to dress as a generic Bond girl, or go all out and wear a gold dress and gold body paint as Jill Masterson from "Goldfinger." Bonds and Bond girls alike can finish off the look by carrying a toy gun or spy gadgets.

Female Secret Agent

For daring women, a secret agent costume is a way to dress seductively without being a cliche, like a sexy nurse. This look is based on television and movie characters, such as Jennifer Garner's spy character in "Alias" or Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider." Wear a skintight black cat suit made of shiny leather or a stretchy rubber or plastic. Strap a toy knife and a toy gun around each thigh and wear a black utility belt with spy gadgets like a walkie-talkie. Top off the outfit with dark sunglasses.

Kid Spies

The hit "Spy Kid" movies have made spy costumes trendy for children. Costumes based on the movie characters can be found in stores. Another option exists for a traditional spy look for a little one: dress him up as a dastardly and dangerous secret agent. This look is simple, comfortable and warm for outdoor trick-or-treating or parties. Dress him in a black child-sized trench coat, a black hat, dark sunglasses and a black mustache, which can be purchased or drawn on with eyeliner. Finish the outfit with a spy briefcase.

Spy vs. Spy

The Spy vs. Spy characters from "Mad" Magazine fame are a humorous take on spy costumes. These costumes work well for couples and can be pieced together without too much effort. To create the two characters, one person wears all white and the other all black. The birdlike masks can be purchased or made by making cones out of white paper, making eyes with black, see-through mesh and attaching elastic to hold the masks in place. Top off the look with black and white fedoras.