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Speed Card Game Directions

Speed is a card game that focuses on quick card handling.
playing cards image by Mijakowska from Fotolia.com

The Speed card game, also commonly known as Spit, is a game that moves very quickly. The object of Speed is to eliminate your hand of cards as quickly as possible while playing against one other opponent. Using older decks of cards is recommended, since they tend to offer better grip, and this card game can require quick card handling.

Shuffle the deck well and deal the cards evenly to the two players, so that each player receives 26 cards.

Deal out five piles of cards in a row in front of you, with all cards face down, and your opponent doing the same. Deal one card to the first pile, two cards to the second pile, and so on, dealing five cards to the fifth pile. Turn the top card of each pile face up; these are known as the stock piles. Do not look at your remaining 11 cards, which are known as the speed cards.

Turn over the top card of the speed pile at the same time as your opponent turns over his top card from the speed pile. Place both cards in the center of the table.

Play the 15 cards from your stock piles to the speed piles in sequence, going either one higher or one lower than the top speed-pile cards. Move the cards as fast as you can, but place each card down one at a time, and use only one hand. Turn over the next face-down card when you remove a face-up card from the top of a stock pile. Create a new pile from one of your other stock piles if one of your stock piles is depleted.

Play two new cards from the speed piles when both players run out of moves, then continue play as before. When one player uses all 15 stock cards, each player chooses one of the speed piles from the center of the table, trying to find the pile that has the least cards.

Shuffle all of your cards together and deal new layouts, then continue play. If one player runs out of speed cards, play to just one speed pile. Win the game by using up all of the cards in your deck.

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