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How to Play Spades With 6 People

Many people play card games to pass the time.
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Yes, it's possible to play spades when you have more than the standard four players. In this variation of the game, six players can partake in the action. Teams can be solo or divided into groups of two or three for an interesting twist to a standard spades game. In addition, the game is played with two decks of cards instead of one deck.

Decide how you want to divide the teams. This variation can be played solo, with three partnerships or in two teams of three.

Combine two standard 52 card decks. In order to ensure an even number of cards for each player, either discard both of the two of clubs (102 cards, 17 each) or add four jokers (108 cards, 18 each).

Agree on the protocol for when identical cards are played. In some variations, the first identically played card wins the trick. In a different variation, the last identical card wins the trick.

Play out the hands as normal, keeping score based on how the teams are separated. As in standard spades, the high card of a suit trumps lower cards of that suit. Spades trump all suits.

Continue play until you reach a predetermined score, often 500 points. If you are playing suicide spades in six teams of one or three teams of two, it is recommended you play to a lower score, or the games may last much longer than desired.

Things You'll Need:

  • Two decks of cards
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil


It is easier to go nil or blind nil in this game. That's because there are more players who can catch tricks.


  • Don't overbid. Remember tricks can be harder to come by with more players in the game.
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