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How to Solve "Planets" Scramble Squares

Earth is one of the planets shown on the
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Challenge yourself with the space puzzle that has thousands of combinations but only one solution, with "Planets" Scramble Squares. The goal is to arrange nine square puzzle pieces that can be turned in any direction and placed side by side with the other pieces in a seemingly endless array of cards so that the planet sections on each card match up with all of the other cards around them. There are four planets on the cards: Earth, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars; and they are arranged differently on each card. Start turning and twisting to solve the 3-by-3 puzzle.

Place the card in the center with the planets appearing clockwise as: Jupiter, Jupiter, Earth and Saturn. Set the card so that the section of Earth is on the bottom of the piece.

Pick up the card that has Jupiter, Earth, Jupiter and Mars appearing clockwise on it. Place this piece to the right of the first card, matching up the two sections of Jupiter. Earth should appear on the bottom of the card.

Lay the card with the planets appearing as Earth, Earth, Saturn and Saturn on it below the second card. The two sections of Earth should appear on the top and the right sides of the piece.

Set the piece with Earth, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter on it to the left of the third card. Arrange the card so the Saturn section matches up with the card to the right and the Earth section matches the first card, which is directly above this card.

Continue to the left with the card that has Mars, Jupiter, Earth and Saturn appearing clockwise. Turn the card so Neptune matches up with the card on the right. Mars should be at the top of the card.

Place the piece with Mars, Saturn, Mars and Saturn clockwise on it directly above the just-placed card and to the left of the center piece. Match Saturn with the center piece and Mars with the card below. Note that the two sections of Mars that match up are one smaller section with one larger section.

Move up one space and arrange the card with Jupiter, Mars, Mars and Saturn on it so that the two sections of Mars should be on the right side and the bottom of the piece.

Lay the card with Saturn, Earth, Neptune and Mars appearing on it clockwise to the right of the previous piece. Turn the card so Mars is on the left side and Saturn is at the top of the card.

Fit the final piece into the upper right corner of the puzzle. Match Earth up on the right side of the card and Mars on the bottom side of the card to complete the puzzle.


To identify the planets, Saturn appears as a yellowish color with a ring around it, Mars is a red planet with no ring, Earth is blue without a ring, and Jupiter is striped with a light ring around it.

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