How to Solve Metal Ring Puzzles

Metal ring puzzles are problems that are sometimes advertised as “intelligence tests.” A metal ring puzzle is basically nothing more than two or more metal pieces that are connected. The point of the puzzle is to dislodge the pieces. Depending on the difficulty of the metal ring puzzle, attempting to solve one of these puzzles can make you feel quite frustrated. By remaining calm and taking things slowly, however, you can eventually learn to solve metal ring puzzles with ease.

Pick up the metal ring puzzle by the two opposite ends of the puzzle. Inspect the entire puzzle.

Hold the two ends of the metal ring puzzle and spin the entire puzzle around to look for any openings. You may notice any spots where you can dislodge the two pieces of the puzzle. If you don't see any right away, flip the pieces to the opposite side. This can make the puzzle clearer for you.

Slowly turn the bottom piece of the metal ring puzzle and look for any holes where you can disconnect the two pieces. Easier puzzles may be solved by simply spinning the bottom piece of the metal ring puzzle as you maneuver that piece up the second piece.

Try maneuvering the bottom piece of the metal ring puzzle over the top piece. In other words, you may actually have to flip the bottom piece over the top one before you are able to disconnect the two pieces of the metal ring puzzle.

Attempt to slide one part of the puzzle through a hole in the other piece of the puzzle. All metal ring puzzles have openings where the pieces connect, and some openings are larger than others. You may be able to glide one piece through that opening, thus allowing you to solve the the metal ring puzzle.