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How to Solve 6 Band Puzzle Rings

Solve 6 Band Puzzle Rings

A puzzle ring is basically a knot-work pattern made from interlock bands. It is a piece of jewelry that can be disassembled and put back together again, giving puzzle effect.The puzzle ring is known to be invented by a Turkish man who wanted to ensure the fidelity of his wife. He designed a ring that would come apart if it is removed. That is why the puzzle ring is also known as the Turkish wedding ring.Puzzle rings can have many bands. The most common ones have either 4 or 6 bands. They usually comes with instructions on how to solve them. This articles goes over how to solve a 6-band puzzle ring. Each band is slightly different so pay attention to the ones you are working with.

Pay attention to the diagram above. It shows the different links and the names to them. It will be useful to know which rings I am referring to in the steps below.

Arrange all the pieces so that they are facing up. Fit bar ring 1a and bar ring 1b together. Fit bar ring 2a and bar ring 2b together by twisting them counter-clockwise until they fit perfectly. Now hold V-ring 1 and V-ring 2 between your forefinger and thumb with the other pieces still together.

Make a 'Figure 8' by continuing to hold the V-ring 1 & 2 while rotating Bar ring 1a/b and Bar ring 2a/b until they cross each other. See the figure below.

Continue to hold everything tightly in place and rotate V-ring 2 clockwise 90 degrees.

Lighten up on the pressure to the bar rings so that you can move V-ring 2 into position by the bar ring 1a/b combination. You do this by tucking the "V" part of V-ring 2 right into the figure "8". It should fit perfectly.

Now do the same thing to V-ring 1 that you did to V-ring 2 in step 5 to tuck it into place. That's it. You have just put together a 6-band puzzle ring.

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