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"Snorta" Directions

"Snorta" is a family-friendly memory game designed for three to eight players, ages 8 and up. Players must imitate the sound of a farm animal, then hide a plastic figure of that animal. Players must flip cards to try to match the animal of the other players. The winner of the round is the first player to find a card match and make the sound of the opponent's animal.

Setting Up

Choose one player to be the dealer. This player will set up the game and instruct the other players.

Place one barn in front of each player. Put all 12 plastic animals in the animal grab bag.

Pass the animal grab bag around to each player. The players need to take one, and place it next to their barn.

Place the single "Swap" card into the deck of the animal cards and shuffle the deck. Deal the cards, face-down, to each player until everyone has the same amount. Place any leftover cards to the side.

Make the sound of your animal, also known as "Sounding Off." This is meant to help players remember what animal belongs to each player. All players must take turns "Sounding Off."

Place your animal in the barn so no one else can see it.

Playing the Game

Pick up the cards and hold them face down in one hand. The play will start with the dealer then move clockwise around the table.

Take turns flipping over the top card in your hand. Place the card face-up on the table. This will begin the stack of table cards for each player. As the game continues, players flip their in-hand cards onto this pile.

Flip over the "Swap" card if you have it and take a new animal from the grab bag. Place the animal from your barn into the bag and make the sound of your new animal.

Play until a player flips over a card that matches the top table card of another player. These two players must try to remember their opponents hidden animal and be the first to correctly "Sound Off." There are no penalties for a wrong animal sound, and the rest of players are not allowed to make any sounds. The first player to get the animal right wins the round. The winner hands all of her table cards to the losing player. The losing player must place his table cards, as well as the winners, face-down to the bottom of his in-hand deck.

Resume play with the player to the left of the last person who played a card. The first player to get rid of all of her in-hand cards wins, regardless of how many table cards she has.


Each players' table cards must be in a spot visible to all players. Players must make the sound of the hidden animal, not the one on the card. Once the game begins, a player is not required to reveal his animal.

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