How to Shoot a Bottle Cap With Your Fingers

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Shooting a bottle cap with your fingers can be fun and entertaining. Teach yourself how to do this trick by following these steps.

Shoot a Metal Bottle Cap

Hold your middle finger and your thumb together tightly.

Snap your finger. If you can snap your fingers, you need to practice this step until you get it down before moving on to Step 3.

Put the edge of the metal bottle cap in between your middle finger and your thumb as you are in snapping position. Lay the cap onto your thumb to balance the cap, positioning the cap so that it flies away from you when you shoot it.

Place your hand up close to your ear and snap your fingers.

Move your hand outward as you snap toward the direction in which you want the cap to fly to obtain the best results.

Shoot a Plastic Bottle Cap

Make a "C" Shape with your fingers.

Curl your middle finger under so that the top part of your middle finger is facing downward toward your thumb.

Place a plastic water or soda bottle cap sideways in between your thumb and the first knuckle of your middle finger.

Uncurl your middle finger quickly to shoot the plastic cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal bottle cap
  • Plastic bottle cap


  • Do not get frustrated if you can not shoot the cap perfectly on the first try. It may take a few times to get it right.


  • Avoid shooting bottle caps at other people or pets. Severe injury could occur if a metal bottle cap is shot at someone's face.

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