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How to Do the Sonic Pen Spinning Trick

If you have lots of idle time to kill, then pen spinning might just be the key to entertainment that doesn't require franticly hiding video game windows from your computer screen when the boss comes around. The sonic pen spinning trick can help alleviate your boredom.

Place your hand palm up and rest the pen across the base of your middle and index fingers. The back end of the pen should be just under your thumb, and your ring finger and pinkie should be over the pen.

Apply pressure with your middle finger and release the pen from your thumb. This causes the pen to start spinning.

Bend your middle finger as the pen spins and allow the tip of the pen to pass behind the index finger. Your ring finger and pinkie should remain largely motionless and out of the way.

Allow the back of the pen to pass behind the middle finger and in front of the index finger. This is the difficult part that you'll need to really practice.

Complete the spin by catching the end of the pen with your thumb. As you finish the spin, you must straighten your bent middle finger and curl your index finger.


As with any trick, mastery takes time and practice. If you figure this one out, try variations to improve your repertoire. This trick basically involves spinning a pen around your middle finger. Keep this in mind to help you focus on what you're doing. The orientation of the hand in Step 1 is for illustrative purposes only; you can do the spin with your hand in any position. Try using pencils, markers and other cylindrical objects for some variety.


  • It's pretty easy to send a pen or pencil flying when you're doing this trick. Take care to protect your (and other people's) eyes and person.
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