Shabbat Crafts for Kids

Crafts for kids can enhance any Shabbat celebration.
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Every Friday at sundown, the Jewish celebration of Shabbat begins. This day celebrates the day after creation when God rested. This family-centered celebration involves everyone gathering together to light the Shabbat candles, eating a bread called challah and drinking ceremonial wine. There are a number of Shabbat-themed crafts for kids that you can do to help celebrate this weekly event.

Candle Holders

Each Shabbat, Jewish people light two candles and say a blessing to celebrate the start of the evening. Purchase two plain metal candle holders and two plain white candles. Allow your child to decorate these candlesticks with purchased embellishments from a craft store. Be sure to use a glue that is fire-safe when attaching your decorations to the candle holders. Place white candles in the holders and use these at your Shabbat table. Carefully supervise your child if you allow your child to light the candles.

Kiddush Cup

Jews drink ceremonial wine from a special wine glass known as a kiddush cup. For a young child, you can substitute this wine with grape juice so he is able to participate in the Sabbath celebration and blessing. Allow your child to decorate his own kiddush cup to use on Friday nights. Purchase a plastic wine glass at a party store. Provide glitter glue or stickers and let the child decorate his "wine cup" for use at the Sabbath.

Challah Cover

Challah has a special cover when it sits on the table. Create your own kid-made challah cover to use at your Shabbat table. Take any light-colored cloth napkin and use iron-in transfers to place a Jewish image, such as the Star of David, on the napkin. You can help your child print out these images from your computer using ink-jet iron on transfers. Follow the directions for adhering the image to the napkin, and use this bread cover each Friday night.

Shabbat Invitation Craft

The Sabbath is a time of celebration and provides an opportunity to invite friends and family over to your house for dinner. Ask your child to create invitations to invite a group of her friends for Shabbat dinner. Trace a six pointed star on silver poster board and cut it out. Use a blue paint pen to write information on the Jewish star about your Shabbat dinner. Include the time of your dinner and if you want the guest to bring anything to your Shabbat celebration.